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Oncolytic Virus Therapy of Glioblastoma Multiforme – The success of oncolytic virotherapy depends on the few characteristics (see Science & Technology).
Our first goal is continuation of phase 1


Programs - safety

Clinical trials phase 1 evaluate safety, determine safe dosage ranges. Phase 1 trials were not completed, to be continue.

Science &


Virus characteristics (a) well-defined mechanism of tumor selectivity, (b) strong cytolytic potential with low non-tumor toxicity, (c) potential for systemic application, (d) rapid replication cycle with swift intratumoral spread, (e) potential to genetic engineering, (f) feasible in manufacturing and high- titer-of the biological product, (g) genetic stability, (h) no pre-existing immunity, and (X) stimulation of antitumor immunity


Expert  in Oncology-We collaborate with senior medical leaders who have a role in the oncology therapeutic area.

The scientific committee persons are certified in Oncology.

Tasks for the scientific committee will vary from strategic development advice to medical safety monitoring. Opinions concerning documentation for regulatory authorities for clinical phase 1 and 2 in Israel.

Investors relations - for questions about investor relations or the share registry, please contact our team.